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Our hope is that your gifts can connect directly with the heart of our mission and with the joy of our children. Thank you for your support and encouragement! #community #excellence #joy

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Our hope is that your gifts can connect directly with the heart of our mission and with the joy of our children. Thank you for your support and encouragement! #community #excellence #joy

Give the Gift of Music to Tulsa Youth!

Sistema Tulsa mission statement is

“To nurture community and improve young people’s lives through the practice of music.”

Over 500 students and families have been part of the program since inception. We are a free ministry and program that strives to improve young people’s lives and to nurture community through music. This work exemplifies a strong education, social justice, and children's welfare focus.

Our program uses music education as a catalyst for personal and communal effort and motivation. For children, especially, music becomes a vehicle to find joy and purpose in their lives when there might not be much to look forward to. When our students play together, they normalize the idea that the pursuit of excellence through musical artistry is open to all people regardless of their background or affiliation. Our program is open to everyone and all expressions of race, gender identity, economy, disability, and social groups. This diversity is expressed beautifully in our rehearsals and concerts.

When students rehearse a complex musical score, they are also learning to work well with each other and look to each other for support. This is critical training for citizenship and workforce development. Our students have translated their music lessons into documented achievement in areas of curiosity, grit, and social intelligence. We have tracked multiple layers of data the past 6 years. A parent recently said about our ministry: "She loves her “Sistema family”, her words not mine, and enjoys telling me about what is happening in the life of the program! She’s always excited to go and see everyone -- and is always fulfilled when she leaves."

At the core of Sistema Tulsa’s vision is the idea that all children and youth have the tools and means to succeed in music and in life. During the last five years, we have been relentless in our pursuit of opening doors to arts learning in an environment of trust and respect. People from all backgrounds, beliefs, and ages come together to make music and celebrate a community that strives for excellence. Our goals are:

  • Becoming the most effective after-school music learning program in our region
  • Identifying and engaging communities where access to music learning is limited
  • Creating systems of equity in music learning for marginalized and diverse students
  • Training and supporting music teachers who can make a social impact
  • Partnering with arts leaders and organizations to leverage our resources
  • Inspiring excellence as a musical arts and social services non-profit organization
  • Advancing development and fundraising for continued financial stability

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