Help us Change Lives through Music!

“I know that the Sistema Program has invested in my journey and is helping me to become a musician and a better person. ”

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Help us Change Lives through Music!

Each student in Sistema Tulsa benefits from a rich music curriculum that nurtures a caring, cooperative and joyful community. We believe that learning music helps students reach their full potential. We make this opportunity possible by offering programs that are free of cost and accessible to all. We are a ministry of the Boston Avenue United Methodist Church and serve over 100 students from Elementary through High School each year in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

Sistema Tulsa has quickly grown from a start-up organization to one that is maturing into a powerful educational framework to effect positive change. 9 out of 10 students believe they succeed in learning all of their music well. Feeling confident about one's learning is an important aspect of academic growth. 10 out of 10 students agree that they add value to their orchestra and its members. The opportunity to contribute to the work of a community helps students affirm their confidence.

We invite you to read our annual reports:

FURTHER IMPACT: Reported by the Center for Family Resilience at Oklahoma State University.

Sistema Tulsa is:

  • Inclusive of all races and socio-economic groups
  • Giving children a better love of music and broadening their horizons
  • Teaching discipline and community

97% of students want to get better at playing their musical instrument.

87% of students believe they have made their parents/guardians proud by being in the Sistema program.

93% of parents believe that the program has taught their child to work hard to reach his/her goals.

100% of parents would recommend the program to other parents.

100% of parents talk with their child about what he/she is doing in the program.

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